Our technology is only as powerful as the people who use it. We are committed to giving everyone access to our technology, regardless of their physical or intellectual limitations. We continue to improve our products - services so that everyone has the independence to move around freely.

Technology works best when it's available to everyone!

Providing people with the opportunity to make quick, easy money at any time.

Providing customers with a reliable, trustworthy and friendly service that could change the cleaning industry forever.

People who suffer from hearing loss (Hard of Hearing)

We help to support people with hearing lose. We also support people who struggle with the English language and who are willing to learn.

With the app that we offer people who have learning disabilities, hearing loss and even struggle with the English language and would like to learn English better would be able to understand the use of the app as we explain it to them step by step. Audio isn't needed in order to use the app that we provide to the cleaners and to our customers.

Cashless Payments Only 

ADS CLEANING cashless payment options simplify the payment process that is in turn reducing the need for customers to worry about counting cash or for the cleaners having the right amount of change on them.

Cashless payments can usually be made by debit or credit card - ApplePay and GooglePay

Paying without cash isn't just easier, it's also much more efficient whilst stopping the spreading of germs and Bacteria between person to person.

Anti-Discrimination Policies

Every clean that is requested by a customer is automatically matched to a nearby cleaner by ADS CLEANING. This reduces the potential opportunity for any unlawful discrimination which may interfere with the process of securing a clean that is reliable and affordable at the same time whilst trying to get a cleaner to attend as soon as is convenient for both the customer and the cleaner.

Upfront Pricings

ADS CLEANING uses upfront pricing to let customers know the costs of our cleans before the cleaner arrives to their property. This gives them peace of mind and helps eliminate the risk of any misleading, mis-marketing or fraudulent transactions from taking place. Payments can be received prior to the clean, the cleaner attending and if the cleaner is unable to attend for any reason we can issue you a full refund.

Book your cleaner in advance - Share your ETA

Book your clean with your customer in advance so both parties know when the clean should be taking place and how long the clean should take to complete - (This is approximate)

Cleaners can easily share their details, including the specific route and estimated time of arrival - ETA with the customer by sending them a quick message or by sharing GPS location.

Animal Policies

For customers who own animals as they may be blind or low‑visioned and may be at home with their service animal, ADS CLEANING Community Guidelines and Service Animal Policy clearly require cleaners to clean their properties of service animals.

Most cleaners don't mind attending customer properties too clean even if they have animals at the property. However we do ask all our cleaners prior to them attending cleans if they are scared / frightened of animals. If the cleaner is scared of animals they will mention this to you prior to starting the clean and would ask if you could kindly hide the animal away in another room or in a cage whist the clean is currently being carried out only. This would only be purposeful if we are unable to find you another cleaner in the area.


ADS is setting out to help vulnerable people with all kinds of disabilities.

We help to provide them with the following:

- Easy to find out information: If you ever have any questions regarding your cleaning service we are more than happy to help as we have a supporting team on hand 24/7 on our social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We can help answer any questions you may have.

- Upfront pricings: We can help with different types of cleans such as End of Tenancy cleans and Commercial Cleans which we can set prices for you to help make it affordable for you.

- Cleaners On Demand / On Call: We allow cleaners in your area to be offered the work as soon as you require a cleaner. This is to reduce travelling time, cut congestion on the road and to make sure that your cleaner gets to you as soon as possible.

- Allowing Cashless Payments: All our cleaners use cashless payments this way it simplifies transactions for people who struggle to deal with cash loose change can be fiddly. It also saves them having to travel to the bank every time they need a cleaner in order to withdraw the cash, as we know they might find this a struggle.

- Sharing information with our customers: Once a cleaner has accepted the clean you will receive a text or email to state the cleaners details so that you know who to expect at your door.