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App Functionality

Use apps that are free to join with us in order to better your business skills. Receive jobs via our app and accept each job right from your fingertips.

We ask all our cleaners to choose any days of the week that they wish to work within the cleaning industry, this is so that we can find cleans for them to attend on the days that they have asked for.

All our cleaners can accept cleans directly from the app.

What other information is available to our cleaners via the app?

We provide all the latest information about the cleaning industry and what more we have to offer each individual cleaner. Cleaners would also be able to find their regular schedule and to be able to clock in / out of the app. 

Payments and Charges

We accept payments via an app that is completely free to use for all our clients and is very eco-friendly and convenient. Doesn’t matter how much your customers wish to pay via debit/credit card we have you covered. We also accept Contactless payments to make paying much more convenient and enjoyable for each of your customer's unique experiences. Payments of less than £30 would be able to be contactless with a normal card to pay. ApplePay and GooglePay transactions on the go for an unlimited amount of transactions. This allows the customer to pay with their mobile devices which also includes their apple watches which is so cool!

Ordering Eco-Friendly products with us

We are able to send out essential cleaning supplies to help cleaners out when they are desperate for some extra cleaning products for the cleans that they will soon be attending.

Just send us an email to our office at: [email protected] informing us of your details and the materials that you would like to purchase. We will be able to confirm the price of the products for you before payment is received via bank transfer. We try and provide all our staff great value for money prices on all products that we sell.

Customers Loyalty

Some customers may be sent emails by us from time to time of any discounts we may have at the time. You will be informed about these before they have been issued out to your customers so you know what the discounts codes/cards look like.

By ADS CLEANING issuing discounts to existing customers this would not affect cleaners' wages. As an online cleaning company, we will cover the discount costs of all customers that require a cleaner whilst the discounts are in place T&Cs Apply.

Jobs - Working Hours

As soon as jobs become available in or near your local area at ADS we will send you a job notification asking you if you would like to accept the job. We would require each employee to cover a radius of at least 5miles as standard, the more miles you are willing to cover the more money you could end up taking home to you and your family. Once confirmation is confirmed you will have all the required information for that job to know what is required and how to get there.

We will also inform you of the working hours your customer would like you there to clean for so there is no confusion. If for some reason your customer would like for you to stay longer you must inform us or better still get them to inform us of this change. Make sure that all payment transactions are made matching the current amount of time spent at your customers' property.

Earnings - Employer

As you work with us we try and offer you as much work as possible as and when you require it. Work whenever it suits you! We know that people have other commitments in their lives and we do our best to take this on board and help our cleaners out.

You can earn a great liveable wage with ADS CLEANING. All cleaning jobs may pay differently so please inquire first if you're unsure.

We strongly recommend that you are fully insured when attending jobs when driving your own vehicle to and from job to job with cleaning supplies on board. We also recommend that you have a driving licence in order to attend every job on time and to help make taking cleaning supplies much easier for you and convenient for all customer properties that you attend.

Benefits - Perks to working with us

Get paid more than minimum wage for cleaning people's properties.

We provide company uniforms and ID Cards for everyone's security, uniforms are for staff who are self-employed by us only.

We ask that all cleaners supply only eco-friendly products which customers prefer they use for cleaning their homes.

If you are unable to drive to and from each job not to worry, we still have you covered. We try and provide you with local work as close near to where you live so you don't have far to travel and to keep your costs of travel as low as possible.

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