Keeping your properties clean and tidy ready for your move or new tenants.


End of Tenancy Cleaning

Studio Place - From £96

1 Bedroom

Flat - £125 / House - £145

2 Bedroom

Flat - £185 / House - £235

3 Bedroom

Flat - £ 270 / House - £295

4 Bedroom

Flat - £325 / House - £360

5 Bedroom

Flat - £395 / House - £445

6 Bedroom

Flat - £475 / House - £545

7 Bedroom

Flat - £585 / House £625

If you have a property that exceeds the bedroom limit provided on our website please get in touch with us to discuss.

Thank you!

(Prices are subject to change depending on the size of your property, what cleaning supplies are provided and where within the country you are located.)

End of Tenancy consists of the following

Hoovering throughout the property

Empty rubbish bins and clear any unwanted items from property that the cleaner can carry

Mop/steam floors throughout the property and wash walls throughout where required.

Information:- Please read the section at the bottom of this page for more information.

Clean window ledges and glass windows at level height inside and outside.

General dusting and wiping down surfaces throughout the property

Kitchen: Cupboards - Inside and Outside, sinks and drainers, washing up,

clean electric/gas hobs, we also clean inside ovens/grills - standard clean,

clean inside and outside of fridges and microwaves

Bathrooms: Toilets, bidets, baths/showers, shower screens, and sink basins


Our cleaners do not specialise in oven/grill/hob cleaning, they will try and spend as long as possible trying to clean these appliances for you to get them looking as good as new.

Some of our cleaners do not transport equipment as some do not drive or may not live near to your property. Therefore if you wish for them to hoover or mop/steam your floors you may need to provide the equipment. However, if you pay to have eco-friendly cleaning products provided they will still provide this for you in order to carry out a great quality clean.

If you are interested in a long term contract with us to help clean your properties clean that you may have on a regular basis, or if you have a bigger property than what we have listed above, please feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you within

24 - 48 hours or send us a text message on: +44 7903 - 688 - 944

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