Q.) What are the minimum amount of hours a cleaner can clean my house for

A.) Our cleaners do a minimum of 2 hours per job that they attend. This is for Domestic, commercial cleaning, End of Tenancy Cleans, and Carpet cleaning.

Q.) Where can I find out the latest news about ADS from?

A.) We frequently update our website with the latest news about us and we also keep all our customers updated with what is going on via our social media platforms which we offer through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Q.) Can I tip my cleaner?

A.) If you feel like these deserve a tip for working extract hard then you can tip them in cash.

Q.) Do I need to provide any cleaning products?

A.) You don't have to provide any cleaning products as the cleaner should provide their own in order to do the job properly.

Q.) What does a clean cost an hour?

A.) So each time a cleaner stays cleaning at your place per hour they charge £12.50 for a minimum of 2hrs standard clean per visit

Q.) What if someone needs to leave their property and the cleaner still needs to clean?

A.) If for any reason you need to leave the property you must inform your cleaner and pay them the agreed amount. Then they can let themselves out after they have finished their job.

Q.) Would my cleaner wash the dishes for me?

A.) Don't see why they couldn't just ask your cleaner. Don't forget your paying them to clean so this should be included within the price.

Q.) What if my card is declined?

A.) If your card for some reason is declined you could try using another one i.e a debit card. If you are still having issues with your card or there is something wrong with the card machine provided please get in touch with us so that we can provide you with our account details in order for you to pay for the cleaning service you have just received. This way your cleaner will receive their money for carrying out the work they have completed for you.

Your cleaner will also contact us regarding the same issue to confirm what has just happened so that both parties agree on the same issue.

Q.) What if I have an automatic door locking system?

A.) All cleaners should have a smartphone of some kind so they should be able to download free apps if required to gain access to the property if you require them to. You can also remotely let them inside when they let you know that they have arrived.

Q.) How do I know that the cleaner turning up to my door is working for ADS?

A.) That is a good question, well they will be giving ID to carry around that will show that they work for us and that they have been checked CRB/DBS

Q.) How does insurance work?

A.) We cover cleaners with our company insurance that we provide them with in case something were to go wrong.

Q.) Do you offer loyalty discounts?

A.) Occasionally we offer discounts for customers, this could be in person from each cleaner you have or via advertising emails which are usually what we provide our customers with as it's more efficient. If you get issued a discount be sure to show your cleaner after every clean they do for you, so they can take it off your bill.

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