Our commitment to your safety

You deserve to be able to move around your property safely. To be able to connect to cleaners in your local area, keep up with your community spirit.

We care about your safety inside your property, these days we all tend to spend more time inside our homes than ever before. This is why we’re focused on your safety, from setting standards to developing technology with the goal of helping to reduce incidents from happening.

Sharing your experiences

Just drop us a email at [email protected] Share your cleaning experience with your love ones and friends by sharing our website and social media platforms with them. You can also share your reviews with us to share your experiences with the world.

Keeping the community spirit alive

Many of our cleaners all share a set of company policy guidelines, which would leave them accountable to do the right thing when carrying out each clean for you.

Support at your fingertips

A trained team is available 24/7 to help you with any of your cleaning needs. You can email us or find other means in which to contact us on such as media platforms - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, day or night with questions or concerns you may have regarding cleaning of any kind or stock control.

The future of your safety

All our ADS CLEANING self-employed staff undergo strict security checks which will include a security check and a general background check. Skills that they are able to offer when working for ADS CLEANING to help people with any type of clean that they require would be that they must be able to understand and speak the English language. At ADS CLEANING we put your safety first for all our clients our cleaners clean for.

Environmentally Friendly

We are proud to say that we are friendly to our environment. We state to all our self-employed cleaners that they are to use eco-friendly - non-toxic, non-harmful chemicals when cleaning inside and outside customers' properties. We offer all our cleaners to order stock with us when they require it for their cleans. We have a limited amount of cleaning essentials which they would be able to order from us directly. They would be able to order this stock directly via our website or by emailing us.

We use technology to our greatest advantage to help reduce paper wastage. We do this by offering a way for our clients to pay our cleaners through modern technologies and for our cleaners to issue them with electronic receipts for much greater convince.

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