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We take customer privacy seriously by protecting our customers' personal - privileged information, whether it be information you have supplied us with or anything discussed in the presence of your cleaner. We keep everything we see and hear confidential. All cleaners who work on behalf of ADS have all agreed to the terms that we have provided them with prior to them accepting the job as one of our cleaners. We do not sell or share any of your data with any other company or individual outside of our company - Data Protection Act 1998

In order to help provide our clients with a service, we may require some personal data from you. Before making a booking or purchasing through us, please read our privacy policy available on our home page.


You confirm that you are of legal age to access and use our website, our app, or other integrated online services which we provide including the selling and disrupting of our uniforms and other merchandise. You are of legal capacity to agree to our terms and conditions. You are not eligible to use our services if you are under the age of 18 years old.


Our website/app provides a range of booking services which allow you to book an emergency clean to an End of Tenancy as frequently as you would like to have a cleaner attend your private residence or place of work to help assist in carrying out a clean of the premises on your behalf.

If you wish for the cleaner to improve in the way in which they perform their cleaning duties please inform them in a nice and polite manner and hopefully, they will change the way in which they clean, this is to help assist you with your standard of cleaning and hygiene within your premises.

If cleaners aren't carrying our cleaning to your liking please get in touch with us so that we can try and find another cleaner to help you in your area.


We are currently in possession of trademarks for our company logo and slogan (ANOTHER ONE FIGHTS THE DUST®) You are NOT authorized to use any trademarks of ours unless you have been given full consent from us with the correct documentation - Trade Marks Act 1994.


We introduce individuals seeking professional services to individuals and companies around the world looking for professional workers within the cleaning industry. You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for addressing any claims you have as regards any independent professional. If you are not satisfied with any particular work that the professional has carried out you can get in touch with us in order to help resolve the matter. We do our best to be responsible for the fulfillment of any booking or clean that may or may not have been carried out by one of our cleaners.

We ask that all cleaners are not too share nor divulge any personal information about customers to other people unless they have permission from ADS CLEANING or the customers directly.


Our terms govern the use of our website and app. By using our site, our app, or the services which we provide you agree to adhere to our terms and conditions.

Please read our terms and conditions carefully and thoroughly.

If you do not accept our terms you must not make a booking or continue with the cleaning services which we provide.


All of our cleaners associated and affiliated with ADS CLEANING have undergone strict CRB/DBS clearances in accordance with UK Government guidelines as and where required by law. We do not accept anyone who does not produce us with this security check amongst other personal information.

If you are unsure of who the individual may be at your front door please contact us straight away by sending us a text message or send us an email and we will get back to you if you have scheduled an appointment with us which you may have forgotten about.

At ADS CLEANING we do not sell any type of uniform.

If you are concerned for your own welfare or safety please call the police.

They will also be supplied with a card machine which is to permit card transactions for debit/credit cards and contactless transactions which also include ApplePay and GooglePay. This device all our staff have unless you have pre-paid via our online app.

3.3 - REVIEWS:-

If any of our clients leave us a review from our website or any other platform which we currently operate we would be in our right to use this to our full advantage by allowing it to be uploaded to our website and other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media/platforms which we are likely to signup to or currently use to communicate with our preexisting - future clients.

We always approach potential clients with the intention to help them with their cleaning requirements from domestic to commercial cleaning.


We accept all major debit and credit cards, contactless transactions such as ApplePay and GooglePay.

Card transactions are completely free with no hidden charges to have to pay when using our cleaning services, however, products bought card charges may apply.

We can also accept direct bank transfers for bigger business clients of ours as no one would be available to make a payment in person. If you are a large company and require our services please communicate with us via one of our platforms for more information regards future payments.

We can provide you with bank details via email or via any of our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you prefer or via our free texting messaging service. We are available 24/7 for online support for booking cleans or to discuss a booking or previous clean.

You have the option to pay as you go once each clean has been completed by using the cleaner's card machine or you can pay via bank transfer in advance whichever is preferred. If for some reason the cleaner's machine doesn't work the cleaner will get in touch with us to inform us of the situation and that we will forward their customer the bank details to send payment. Cleaners will also be made aware of how you will be paying before turning up for the clean. If you would like a cleaner booked regularly please let us know so we can make sure you have a cleaner all the time as and when you require one. When paying us via card or bank transfer you can NOT split the cost of each clean carried out by the cleaner sent out to you. However if you would prefer for your cleaner to use your card for payment once the clean has been completed, the cleaner can tap it however many times is required in order to total the amount owed for the current clean.

For example:-

1. We send private messages to you as confirmation once payments have been received via bank transfer only.

2. The card machine which we provide every cleaner with is provided to them by ourselves and is reliable in taking several transactions per day.

The card machine accepts chip and pin transactions as well as contactless transactions which is super convenient. This also means it can accept contactless transactions and send you electronic receipts for convenience and to prove that payment has been made. Our cleaners can send you receipts electronically via text or email without the need for you to be present as long as they know your phone number or email address, we recommend that you write this down for them or that the cleaner enters it into their mobile device.

3. Card payments are completed by using wifi or 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G internet connection. If you are aware that your property doesn't have good coverage of an internet connection it would be appreciated if you could help to provide the cleaner with a wifi connection.

4. Payments via bank transfer could take between 3-5 working days to complete.


1. If you pay in advance for your service - we will send you out one of our experienced cleaners as and when you require them as arranged. If for some reason your cleaner is unable to turn up we will send you a text message or email stating this and therefore you will be offered another booking for your clean or issued a full refund.

Once the refund has been issued it may take between 3 - 5 working days to receive the full refund back as this is dependent on your bank.

2. If you have just booked a clean and wish to cancel you can do this straight away by being able to email us, text or let us know this via social media platforms so that we can inform your cleaner straight away. If you wish to cancel your clean with us or more the booking to another date we state that you provide us with at least 24 hours notice in order for us to inform the cleaner as soon as possible and that we can fit you around other clean that the cleaner has.

3. If you pay in advance we advise via bank transfer, once your cleaning service has been completed and you weren’t happy with the clean ADS CLEANING is NOT eligible to issue you back a refund for the full amount. You can try putting it into a dispute with us via email so that we can find out what the issue was in order for us to try and resolve it.

If the client hasn't reached out to us within the past 24hrs from the start time of the clean taking place ADS CLEANING is NOT obligated to issue any type of refund for the clean that was carried out at the premises of the clients choosing.

Some cleaners may take photographs of the cleans that they carry out to help prove what they did was to an excellent standard. They may also choose to take photographs to prove they didn't damage or break anything whilst carrying out the clean for you this is permitted by ADS CLEANING and would be used in case for insurance purposes only.

Everything within a text or email must state everything that will be covered while a cleaner is at a property cleaning. All our cleaners have slightly different standards and work a little differently from each other using their own techniques within the cleaning industry, whilst still following ADS CLEANINGs strict policy when cleaning to keep everything to a hygienic standard within the cleaning guidelines. If our cleaner is unable to clean certain appliances - products within a property i.e toilet, shower, bath, sink, etc this is more than likely to mean that it has significant limescale on it or markings which would be impossible to remove by trying to clean them away. Cleaners are there to help clean products etc from bad bacteria to keep it safe and hygienic to be around and use. All our cleaners will clean to the best of their ability when cleaning inside your property.

A refund shall only be issued if the cleaner didn't make an attempt to clean anything whilst attending to your property or if the cleaner never showed up to the property at the arranged date and time to carry out the clean required. If the customer was unhappy with the clean provided by their cleaner they may be entitled to a partial refund or a free clean next time.

The time it would take to complete a cleaning job could vary depending on what type of cleaning is required and how many cleaners attend the clean. If you pay your cleaner for helping with the cleaning and you wish to dispute any issues you can reach us via email or social platforms which we monitor 24/7 you can find quick access to these via our website. We can help act as a go-between to help better improve the situation for all of our clients.

Please note: ADS CLEANING will be very clear about certain cleaning tasks that it can not offer 100% i.e cleaning inside oven, grill, and overhead cooker filters - extractor fans as we are NOT specialists in this field. Clients would have to take these types of equipment apart if the cleaner is not sure about it.

We employ separate staff for the window cleaning rolls and these are special jobs within the cleaning industry that only focus on those certain objects outside your property.


1. In order to book an appointment with one of our cleaners you can send us a text message on 07903 688 944 and we reply straight away to help assist with your appointment. We also allow bookings to be made via our email: [email protected] and we also accept any bookings via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with 24/7 monitoring.

Information we may require from you in order to help book your clean with a cleaner in or near your local area. We require your full name, full address, phone number, and/or email address, and information regarding what you would like cleaned and how many hours you would like to pay. We may ask for a short description of your property to find out how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. This would give us a much better understanding of how long the clean is likely to take for a cleaner and therefore we will do our best to provide you with a more accurate time frame and in turn, this could help to save you money.

2. Please be aware that at certain times of the year some cleaners may not wish to work especially over the half term, Christmas, and New Year holiday period. Trying to book a cleaner may be a struggle from time to time, at certain times of the year, we will do our best to try and issue you with the best cleaner your area has to offer at the time. We send all local cleaners to you a notification notifying them that there is a cleaning job available in the area and ask them if they would like to accept. Once a cleaner has accepted the job you will receive a message from us stating if they have accepted and you will receive information such as the cleaner's name so you know who to expect and the cost of the clean.

3. We only send our cleaners out to you if you have booked a minimum of a 2-hour slot with us. This is so that it's worth our cleaners while coming out to see each of our clients by vehicle and to carry out the cleaning jobs. Some clean such as in the commercial side of the industry may be a minimum of 1 hour cleans for cleaners as this could be provided to local cleaners however, cleaning supplies may need to be provided for the cleaner.

4. Once your cleaner has finished the work that you wish for them to carry out they can take payment by using the card machine provided, they can issue you an electronic receipt which can be done via text message or via email you supplied us with or that you supply them with at the time when payment is due.


We may modify or terminate our terms of the use of our services in which we provide at any time by giving you a notice via email or over a private message or messaging application. If you do not agree to any of the changes made you must stop using our services. We may also suspend, terminate or discontinue any aspect of our services including the availability of certain features at any time for any reason.


You agree that our terms for all intense of purposes shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with British law.

If you have any enquires please email us at: [email protected]

5.1 - PARKING:-

Cleaners sometimes struggle to park their vehicles near your cleaning location/property. If you could inform us regarding any parking restrictions near where you wish for our cleaners to carry out the cleaning it would be appreciated. If you wish to cover the cost of the cleaner's parking that would also be accepted. We recommend you sort this payment out separately with the cleaner.

If you require our cleaning services you must provide adequate parking for our cleaners in order for them to carry out their job effectively. If there are parking restrictions this would mean that parking for our cleaners must be paid for by each client or a permit/ticket must be provided each time the cleaner is asked to carry out a clean by yourself.

ADS CLEANING would be entitled to charge the client for the parking which may have been incurred for the length of stay our cleaner would have been cleaning at the location provided by the client.

There are different prices for parking around the country and therefore ADS CLEANING will forward the charge of the parking ticket to the client. ADS CLEANING will also charge an additional admin fee of up to 10% on top of the price of the ticket price if paid within 14 working days. If payment is left for longer than a period of 14 working days the additional admin fee will increase to an extra 50%.

If parking payment is not met due to the fact the cleaner has been issued a parking ticket this could affect your chances of finding a cleaner with us for the future.

If the cleaner finds a ticket on the vehicle once they have left the job, the cleaner would be entitled to receive payment for the parking fine which they have incurred due to carrying out the clean for the client at the time the ticket was issued.

ADS CLEANING wouldn't be liable to pay the fine and therefore the cleaner would be eligible to pay for the parking ticket.

If our cleaner is issued a parking ticket they would have to prove this to ADS CLEANING in order for us to get in touch with their customer.

We will reach out to the client to explain the situation.

Please note: If the parking fine isn't paid by the client our cleaner will have to pay it and therefore would not be likely to return back to the premises of the customer in order to carry out any future cleans.

Our cleaners would be able to make the choice of not returning to the client's premises if they don't wish to get a parking ticket again. Even if the client is willing to pay the fine the cleaner may wish to decline the job independently due to the parking restriction or the client not complying with the parking rules.

Our cleaners shouldn't have to remind clients to provide them with a permit/voucher in order to park to help the client with their cleaning requirements.


All cleaners work independently in their own right and are therefore responsible for their own actions.

They must comply with the rules of the road and parking restrictions within the areas they are operating in.

Please read parking restrictions before leaving your vehicle to go and clean for a customer.

ADS CLEANING takes no liabilities for cleaners' actions in regards to any speeding or parking tickets.

We do not provide our cleaners' private bank account details so you will not be able to send the money to them directly as this would be a breach of our security - terms, and conditions.


In order to reach out to us you can contact us in many ways i.e via emails, our website directly, our texting service, or via social platforms that are always monitored 24/7 round the clock. This would include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Keeping in touch with our customers:

We like to make sure we have our customers on file so that we can get in touch with them whenever necessary. We use text messaging as a way of informing the customers how far away their cleaner is and if they are delayed or unable to make it to a job. If your cleaner is unable to turn up for some reason to a job we will do our best to try and find you another one of our cleaners to clean for you. As soon as we have another cleaner available for you we will let you know either by call or text message. We will try and get another cleaner out to you within the timeframe of your original booking. If this isn't possible you will receive a full refund of the day in which the cleaner was unable to attend.

We can also use text messaging to send receipts once jobs have been completed and paid for. We can also send receipts to clients via email as well as our latest offers. We can also stay in contact with our clients via email for general questions, price lists, etc.

If you have booked our cleaners for a minimum of 2hrs and you would like us to clean your kitchen, bathroom and more this may not always be possible depending on how much cleaning there is to get done within each room. If there is too much for our cleaners to do within such as short period of time then they can come back another time for you and continue from where they left off but at a continued normal rate of pay starting from 2hrs minimum. Please don't worry if your cleaners can't get everything done in time.

We kindly ask our clients to please remove as much clutter/rubbish as they can before your cleaner turns up. This would benefit both our cleaners and yourself as our cleaners can get on with cleaning what they need to clean straight away and the customer won't pay for wasted time for our cleaners to stand around.


When future offers apply we will inform our clients via our website and other social media platforms. If our client wishes to benefit from the loyalty card you must inform your cleaner and ADS CLEANING so that we can provide you with a card to receive money off your 5th clean.

Our clients will then have enough time to book their cleans with us. If you book our cleaners while the offer is still valid and wish to use your offer provided once the date of expiry has ended, you will NOT be entitled to the discount. If you have forgotten to show your cleaner the discount via email or the loyalty card the cleaner will not be permitted to reimburse you with the stamps previously lost.

If you don't receive a discount loyalty card from your cleaner you can ask them for a card and they should provide you with one. In order to be entitled to that, you would need to be a regular customer who is consistent with our cleaners to be accepted for this on a regular basis. If you don't wish to have this card that would be fine you could just pay the normal price if you find it to just be easier. This may be because you aren't always present at the property when your cleaner is there. You may keep forgetting or just can't be bothered with it. The requirements to be accepted for our loyalty card are that you need to be a regular client on a weekly basis must have at least 3hrs of cleaning carried out at least once a week in order to qualify for the loyalty provided.

If you didn't inform your cleaner and ADS CLEANING regarding the use of the loyalty card this would not warrant receiving a refund from previous cleans or for a free clean just because previous discounts have been missed.

If you miss a week due to a family emergency as an example then it wouldn't matter to keep the loyalty card, however, our cleaners will not make up for the last job lost this would be because a clean wasn't paid for.

If ADS CLEANING warn you in advance that we won't be able to send out a cleaner for you due to them going on their holiday or sickness then a clean won't be carried out and therefore we will be unable to log a stamp on the loyalty card for you as you wouldn’t have paid for a clean with us.

ADS CLEANING keeps a log of all our offers and refunds we give back to each of our clients as well as all client data i.e phone, email, name, and address.

When you become linked with us via online apps, websites, or by any other means we automatically sign you up to our advertising services which are on our database. We store information such as your name, phone number, and email addresses so that we can reach out to you with advertising, etc.

If you keep receiving advertising information from us and you wish for it to stop you can either click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the emails or if you are receiving advertising from us by other means you can email us at: [email protected] informing us that you wish for all advertising to stop and within 24/48hrs time it would be deleted from our advertising database.

Vouchers are NOT to be used in conjunction with any other loyalty discounts or staff discount cards provided by ADS CLEANING. Loyal cards become valid from your fifth clean with us once your cleaner provides you with the card. If you receive a discount voucher via email it will state the valid date/expiry date on it. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us please email us and we can unsubscribe you from our marketing database, this may take between 24 - 48hrs or better still you can click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page to unsubscribe automatically.

QUESTs - Limited Offers from time to time for our cleaners

We issue quest offers that allow cleaners with us a chance to earn extra money more quickly by accepting so many jobs within the set timeframe permitted. This offer will be sent out to cleaners in certain areas at certain times providing sufficient time for the cleaners to accept the offers as and when they choose.


All cleaners must carry public liability insurance when being about to work with us. If any damage has been made to your property/objects and you believe your cleaner is at fault, we recommend that you get in touch with us straight away at the provided email: [email protected] to try and resolve the issue as soon as possible. We will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible but things like this would take a little time as it's done through insurance. We will first contact the cleaner to find out if something happened while they were at the property and if they can explain in as much detail what happened, etc. We will require them to fill out a form that would state a number of questions to find out exactly what happened. As a result of them failing to fill this form out regardless of anything taking place while they were at the property could result in them losing their job to further continue their employment with us.


If you leave animals inside your property whilst our cleaners attend we are NOT insured / liable for your animals therefore if something were to happen we would NOT be covered. We can put out fresh water for your animal, provide the animal with a treat if provided to us and we can let your animal outside in the garden if you have agreed on it with ADS CLEANING first or have left your cleaner a note to do this.

If your animal tries to escape through the front door whilst your cleaner tries to attend to the property to carry out the cleaning service our cleaners wouldn't be liable for your animal escaping. We are sure our cleaners would try and look after your animals the best they can but please bear in mind that they are there to help clean your property NOT to care for your animals.

If your cleaner believes that there is something wrong with your animal that it seeks medical attention from a vet they will get in touch with us here at ADS CLEANING and we will inform our client - owner of the animal that there is something wrong and to seek medical attention for your pet.

If in the event one of your animals escapes from your premise our cleaner should try and call the animal back or walk after it to avoid scaring it away from the main property/building. We recommend that if you do have animals at the property that you inform ADS CLEANING so that the cleaner who attends the cleans would be prepared and that they know how to try and deal with the situation. Please provide ADS CLEANING with the name/s of your pets so that our cleaner will know this information before attending the clean. This would be a really good idea especially if you know you won't be at the premises when your cleaner arrives.

Cleaners must still clean your property even if an animal is present as a guide for someone who is blind or pascal sighted as this is a form of disability and can not discriminate against other people with disabilities no matter what needs they may require.

If the customer has an animal that is not a guide animal the cleaner can refuse to clean the customer's property if they have been asked to put the animal away if the cleaner feels threatened or scare with the animal being around them whilst they are there to carry out a clean. Prior to the cleaner carrying out the clean they should ask the customer to put the animal away either in another room or cage whilst cleaning is about to be carried out so that the cleaner feels confident to carry out the clean necessary.


When our cleaners help to clean End Of Tenancy properties we might send round 2-3 cleaners to get the job done much quicker and to cover more cleaning in a quicker yet shorter period of time for you so that our cleaners aren't at your property for as long as you would expect. This way we can get out of your hair and let you enjoy the fresh, yet clean property you are in for even longer this way so that you can enjoy it.

We charge certain prices for End Of Tenancy which we state on our website. We can also include or exclude carpet cleaning requirements as and when they suites landlords, agents, and tenants.

Once a Pro-forma invoice has been read and agreed via email we would require the amount to be paid in advance. We will then provide the client at least 24hrs from the commencing of the clean to get in touch with us if they feel that they are unhappy with the clean that has been completed. If the client/agent/landlord could show us what might have been missed in the clean that would be very useful and we may offer to send a cleaner back round to clean again, within the 24hr period from the start of the clean.

Everything the client/agent/landlord wishes for our cleaners to clean they must inform us so that we can add it to the Pro-forma invoice before the clean is agreed with us. Once the invoice is correct to the clients liking they can send us the funds and we will send our cleaners out to you to get the job done straight away in accordance with the date and time as agreed via email.

Once our cleaners arrive at the location if they are asked to clean more than what was agreed prior to them showing up they do NOT have to agree to clean anything extra to what is on the Pro-forma invoice, if they do this would be extra cleaning for our cleaners and may result in items being missed for cleaning or extra charges being issued by the company. The cleaners could also charge extra for having to clean even more than what was agreed as they will be given a list of what they would have to clean as per invoice and what has been paid in advance by the client.

If the client wishes to add even more to the clean without it appearing on the invoice our cleaners will charge extra as a separate transaction as a normal standard rate of our hourly clean. If you are unsure regarding the price please email us at [email protected] 0r [email protected]

We would rather have photos taken in order to get a much better understanding of how long each job/property will take to clean and how many cleaners we would need to send to help clean it. You can send us photos of each job by emailing them to us at: [email protected] where we are able to take a much closer look.


1. It's entirely up to you. Sometimes it takes time and trust to build between you and a cleaner who may live in your local area for convenience. If you wish for your cleaner to have a key then we recommend you have home insurance just in case something were to go wrong within your property whilst they are present. You don't have to provide them with a key if you don't wish to however we recommend that if you know you won't always be at the property. You may find it more convenient by providing your entrusted cleaner with a key which would be at your own discretion. 

- If you don't feel comfortable providing your cleaner with a key to look after you can always buy a key safe box to store your property key in, which in turn would actually be much easier for your cleaner as they don't have to remember to take the key with them every time they need to attend each job as they have many to attend each day. Sometimes our cleaners have forgotten the key to a property and therefore would need to go home in order to get it, doesn’t happen often but has been known. This is why we recommend that providing a key to be kept inside a key safe box would be ideal for the individual who won't be at the property when you know your cleaner will attend for you to carry out a spring clean of your property.

With a key safe box, you set a code that you inform your cleaner off in order for them to gain access to the key and start cleaning. You can change this code whenever you know your cleaner doesn't need to clean if you would feel happier as the cleaner should only attend if they are informed to anyway by ADS CLEANING.

- ADS CLEANING would NOT be liable for the key safe code as your cleaner should store the only code which you have provided them with on their phones so they don't forget it whenever they need to attend your property.

- ADS CLEANING is NOT liable for your property key as you have provided it to your sole cleaner for safekeeping. If your cleaner loses the key your cleaner will NOT have to pay to get the key replaced or pay to have the locks changed to your property as you have provided them with the key to entrust for access to your property as and when it requires cleaning.

- Your cleaner would only attend to your property when they have been instructed to do so by ADS CLEANING only. If you wish for your cleaner to attend your property sooner than the previous time in which they attended you must inform ADS CLEANING straight away so that we can let the cleaner know. Our cleaners are NOT permitted to attend your property unless ADS CLEANING has authorized the attendance for a cleaning service.

- When you provide your cleaner with a key to your front door or the passcode to the locked KeySafe box you do this willingly and knowingly that if something were to happen they can't necessarily be to blame as a result of a burglary. This is why we would strongly recommend you use CCTV outside your property so that burglary attempts are proof of which attempts to enter the property without the owners' permission. We also recommend that you have CCTV inside your property so that it could be used as evidence instead of accusing a cleaner of something. Having CCTV inside the property would also help the cleaner in the event something were to go wrong i.e a fire, burglary - robbery whilst your cleaner is present at your property.

In the event of something going wrong, you should be able to view this on CCTV footage linked with the internet. If you have an older CCTV system that would be fine because if something were to ever go wrong at your property whilst you are not present, your cleaner would be obligated to inform ADS CLEANING of what happened, how it happened, time, date, etc.

ADS CLEANING only takes people on who we feel we can entrust and have undergone strict levels of security to show us that they have never had any issues with regard to criminal activity. That's why we suggest that you get to know how good of a job your cleaner does and see if you take to the cleaner before providing them a key to your castle.

1. We have informed our staff that if something were to get broken whilst they are cleaning that they should admit it to us as a company and that we would then inform you our customer straight away. If you are presently on the property then the cleaner should inform you about this straight away, however, the clean would have to let us know as well even if the customer is still alright with the situation of something being broken.

2. Some people have a keyless entry where they are able to unlock and lock the front door in order to help let cleaners inside the property clean it while you are away getting on with other things throughout the day.

3. Some people also use key safes which allow our customers to store a front door key inside with access to it with a pin code. This pin code can be shared with us and we can pass it on to your cleaner so they can go and unlock the front door and get on with the required cleaning which they are paid by you to do on a regular basis in which you have agreed with our office.

If you feel happier to place cameras around your property the cleaner should get on with the job at hand. Some cleaners find it nice to know if there is. security at the property they work at to make it a safer environment for them to work in, especially if the home in which they work is very large to clean and no one else is around the house with them. Also if something were to happen or go wrong they would have peace of mind knowing that they wouldn't be to blame with there was a burglary, etc.

We recommend that if there is an issue such as theft we recommend you get in touch with the police straight away and send them the footage so that they can intervene, in order to help with the situation at large.

4. We also recommend that as one of our clients that you only entrust your cleaner with a key to your property if you trust them 100% For extra security you could also install a CCTV camera system in and around your home if you would feel more secure with this and to also cover you for your own home insurance policy.

5. Please inform us or your personal cleaner that you currently have animals inside your property or if you thinking about having one. This is so that the cleaner doesn’t get scared or panic so they know what to expect if they enter your property to clean it for you each time you wish for your cleaner to come and help you with the assistance in cleaning your property.

6. As our client you can leave the front door of the property open for us to go in and clean for you but at your own risk. When our cleaners get to the property and suspect the property has been broken into our clean will get in touch with ADS CLEANING as soon as possible informing us of what they believe has happened while they were on their way to your property.  We will then get in touch with you to inform you of this incident in case you would like to phone for police assistance. We don't recommend leaving the front door unlocked but if you wish to leave a key under a mat or behind a rock / above the door frame it would be a much safer option for you as we do our best to protect our clients whilst helping them with there cleaning requirements.

If you are a landlord and your property is completely empty with nothing to steal of any value then we don't see while you can't leave the front door open for our clean to attend the property to clean for you but again this is at your own discussion.

If you are a landlord for university students each fire door to each bedroom should be locked even if you might keep the front door unlocked for our cleaner which is fine. You can either leave spare keys out somewhere inside the property which you can inform us at ADS CLEANING where they are and we will only share this information with the cleaner that is attending the property to go and clean, this is so no one else can attend the property and steal.

7. If doors are locked within a property that you wish for our cleaners to attend our cleaners are likely to try opening all doors to see if the rooms need cleaning. If our cleaner is unable to open the door the room will NOT get cleaned unless you leave a key for our cleaner somewhere. Tenants can either leave their room doors unlocked or better still get them to leave them open when they require for their rooms - toilet rooms within the bedrooms to be cleaned and our cleaner will clean them for the landlord-tenant as part of the cleaning arrangement that they have had with ADS CLEANING via means of communication online or via our texting service.

At ADS CLEANING we can also supply cleaning products for you as a landlord or hotelier to make the overall cleaning experience so easy for you. We charge separately for products from our cleaning service.


1. At ADS CLEANING we do not sell any types of cleaning products to the public, we do sell cleaning uniforms such as t-shirts to help protect our cleaners when they carry out cleaning. This also helps them appear more professional and shows people that they have registered with ADS CLEANING on the first appearance when the cleaner first meets the customer for the first time.

2. For cleaners to order stock they can pay using the card machine devices provided to them, use app integration, or email us directly to place an order with us. They can pay via card or direct bank transfer.


All window cleaners are independent of ADS CLEANING and must have undergone a security background check and must carry valid public liability insurance when being able to attend customer homes to help with the cleaning of their windows.

Window cleaners are only permitted to use a water-fed pole system whereby allowing the cleaner to reach hard-to-reach windows around the customers' property.

Any self-independent window cleaner would be allowed to subscribe with us at any time for as long as they would like with the subscription payment options which we have on offer at the current time.

The window cleaner would be able to cancel at any time, with no hidden fees and no other commitments necessary.

At ADS CLEANING we would be able to offer window cleaners work once they have subscribed with us. We try and offer different payment options to help make working with us as affordable as possible, we may also offer discounts as means of incentive from time to time.

If for some reason we are unable to provide you with any window cleaning work within the time frame you have paid for with us we will issue you back the full refund.

Once you have subscribed with us a refund is non-refundable unless no window cleaning work has been offered to you via our online service.

If you choose not to accept the work that would be your choice and yours only to make, this choice would not have any impact on whether or not you receive a refund as you would decline/refuse the offers we would send to you.

We only pay you once we have received payment from each of your customers you attend and clean for. We send payments to any bank of your choosing every 2 weeks - fortnightly.

If you would like to cancel your subscription with us you would be able to do this at any time as long as you have provided us with at least 24 hours' notice prior to wanting to leave.

Once you have subscribed with us the process will start straight away.

Once window cleaners subscribe to our window cleaning service we will take care of the rest, helping you to take all the stress and aggravation away from everyday business life as we take care of all this for you. No more walking the streets to advertise, paying for online marketing, taking phone calls on the job, no more paying unnecessarily for a website, and more. At ADS CLEANING we send you job offers and it's up to you to choose if you would like to accept each job. We also help offer a competitive rate of pay to make working within the cleaning industry as affordable as possible helping to cover the whole of England for window cleaning work.


1. Cleaners provide their own eco-friendly cleaning materials for each job that they carry out.

We inform cleaners what type of cleaning supplies they should be using when cleaning customers' properties. Cleaners try and be as child and pet-friendly as possible. Cleaners try and carry out the best possible clean that they are able to offer with the cleaning supplies which they provide or which they have been provided with. If a cleaner runs out of product whilst at your property they will either use alternative products that they have with them at the time, continue the clean using your products instead or return to finish off the clean at a later date.

2. Cleaners would be able to attend to your property and use the cleaning supplies and equipment which you provide for them in order for them to assist you with your cleaning requirements. If the customer provides all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment for the cleaner ADS CLEANING will charge much less for the clean to be carried out for you. Please note that if the cleaner has attended your property by car and they have their own equipment such as a hoover they may prefer to use their own hoover as this is what they would be used to. The cleaner would NOT be able to charge the customer more just because they are using their own hoover. As long as the customer can still provide a hoover and the cleaner chooses to use their own an extra charge would not be necessary.

If something were to go wrong at your property ADS CLEANING do NOT hold any form of liability with the individual person/s insurance will NOT be valid for anyone who is unemployed with us at ADS CLEANING.

3. We try and keep the prices as affordable as possible for the customers and provide cleaners with a decent living salary.

4. We send staff a list of everything that they would be sent out to them in order for each job to be cleaned to a professional yet high standard of cleaning.

Jobs that cleaners can attend for you:

Cleaners who work in conjunction with us are able to attend multiple different jobs which could be anything from cleaning a house, ten tenancy jobs for rentals and Airbnb's to window cleaning.

1. What cleaning inside your domestic property could entail, hoovering the floors, glass and stainless steel cleaning, window ledges, fridge, oven cleaning and so much more. PLEASE NOTE: The cleaners that we take on are not professional oven and grill cleaners therefore they may not be as clean as you would like as this is a specialist thing within the industry.

2. Cleaning inside commercial buildings such as an office could mean your cleaner could clean each room one by one, or clean the whole commercial building depending on how many hours and what you would like for them to carry out at the clean.

3. At End of Tenancy jobs your cleaner is more likely to end up cleaning the whole entire property - houses which could involve cleaning inside all the cupboards, washing walls and more are more than likely to take much longer and could result in being over 6hrs to clean. Cleaners clean end-of-tenancy properties extremely well and are very thorough when cleaning inside your property.

If you wish for properties to be cleaned as End of Tenancy we would ideally like to have photos sent to us so that we are able to help pass them onto your cleaner so that they know what to expect when they arrive to help clean your property for you.


Our cleaners can help you with the following everyday things: Hoovering, Dusting - windows, window ledges, pictures, mirrors and more, Polishing, mopping/steaming of the floors - tiled, wooden, etc - the washing up, emptying the trash/recycling, setting the table for break or dinner, loading and offloading of the dishwasher. Your cleaner can help with this if you are still at work and need someone to help around the home just until you get back. Our cleaners can also help you with the cleaning of hobs, and microwaves can help clean ovens but are NOT professional over cleaner therefore won't charge hundreds to help clean it for you. Our cleaners can also clean bathrooms, toilet rooms, and wet rooms i.e showers and baths, etc

Neaten up the bedding for when people enter the room and neaten up the sofa to make your home feel more welcoming to friends and family.


Watering your plants, Cleaning out fridges and ovens, feeding your pets, providing them with water. Take in parcels for you while you're out of your home like at work and know you're not going to be in to take in the parcel that you had ordered. Let your cleaner know that you're leaving them a note where visible i.e on the kitchen worktop, on the dining room table, or next to the front door. You should inform your cleaner of where you are likely to leave a list - note if needed in the future if say you have your property cleaned on a weekly basis. If you would like to inform your cleaner of odd jobs that you would like them to improve or that you find your cleaner has sometimes been missing just to hint to them just leave them a post-it note so they notice to read it. Example:- Note on sofa - Please can you hoover under the sofa as it hasn't been done in a while or if it needs to be done again.


ADS CLEANING does not specialise in carpet cleaning and therefore does not have any carpet cleaning individuals - companies associated with us.


People who work for us on behalf of ADS will be occasionally sent training documents via an app, email, or online messaging service platform that will be provided for their use at all times whilst signed up to us. This app will provide a number of things to help them be great at what they do as we only have our client's best interests at heart.

- When turning up to each job they should have all the necessary skills required to do each cleaning job correctly.

- They should have some experience within the cleaning industry of some kind so they have a good understanding of what is expected of them when they arrive and commence work.

- Should be able to communicate to the customer in English - based in the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries around the world.

- Some cleaners have provided us with cleaning qualifications, which in turn means that they have actually sat courses for cleaning and therefore should be exceptional at what they do for the cleaning industry.

- Will be required to own a smartphone in order to keep in touch with ADS CLEANING with a work tracking app, to make sure that when attending each job everything is:

-  kept running smoothly.

- Able to drive to each job/location in order to accept each job when the customer needs a handy cleaner.

Once you have applied with us here at ADS CLEANING you should get an email regarding the vacancy and will then be taken through a process to clear security with Advanced CRB / DBS clearances and the company training policy handbook.

We will talk you through every step of the way if you require any help just email us or you can reach us across social media networks. You can usually message us via email and text as well about what will happen next and what you will need to do to process your new career venture with us here at ADS.


You will be kept informed when work will start to become available in your area. This could all depend on the amount of population within the area at the time of when you apply to work with/for us. You may not receive work straight away and we will therefore get on the case as soon as possible to try and provide you with a sufficient workload from within your working areas stated to us.

Work could take any time up to 6 months on regulating factors. If a few weeks pass and you still haven't received work you can email or use our free messaging service at any time regarding this and we will look into it for you. We want all cleaners to be able to work to strive in their new career with us. We know what achieving success is like, it feels like a heavyweight has been lifted by being able to have a steady career and a strong financial backing.

We will pay you your wages on a fortnightly basis and you will receive your payslip via email in accordance with the law. Please note that for you to receive payment you must have provided us with the correct bank account details. Your wages may take between 3-5 working days to finalize into your bank account. Cleaners must inform us once they have attended each clean, how many hours they have attended for and the customer's full name so that we can make sure we have logged each clean they have attended to make sure that they receive the correct salary for each job they have carried out with us.


Our cleaners are entitled to have broken every so often as cleaning is very physical. Our cleaners are allowed to carry water with them when entering a client's property. They must stay hydrated whilst cleaning as we do not wish for anything to happen to any of our cleaners whilst at a job with us.

We permit our cleaners to take a short break between jobs which would include traveling time from job to job. We also allow for them to take a break if they work over a 4hr shift. We would entitle them to a 30 minutes break which they are permitted to take by us here at ADS CLEANING. The cleaner must finish the cleaning job which our client pays for. The cleaner must go back and continue the clean straight after their short 30 minutes break until the full cleaning job has finished. If they have another job to attend they can leave to attend their next job but must inform the client that they will return later or another day that week in order to finish the clean which didn't get completed.

If the cleaner feels unwell or something goes wrong in which they would be then unable to attend the job after their short break, they must inform ADS CLEANING or get someone to inform us on their behalf as to why the cleaner can no longer attend to complete the job. ADS CLEANING would then reach out straight to the client and inform them of what has happened and try and either send out a cleaner on the same day to finish the job or will try and reschedule the clean for a different day to fit in around our client.

ADS CLEANING will provide Terms for job criteria with an email that explains in depth what would be required from you as an employee and self-employed member of staff working on behalf of our company. We hope that you decide to take up this opportunity to join us in this approach to help change the cleaning industry for the better around the world.

Overtime will be offered from time to time and for self-employed staff jobs will be offered and they would be able to choose to accept or decline work around what suits them. We do not pay for sickness but we do however pay for holidays if you wish to take them as an employee ONLY. If you decide to work throughout your holidays that would be fine with us and therefore we are likely to offer you even more money as an incentive to work for our loyal clients.


If you have any concerns regarding your cleaner's abilities or questions about what they have done - what they are able to do for you and your business. You can find all the relevant information regarding what we can offer you on our website or better still send us an email at: [email protected] or the office email address directly if you don't get a response straight away: [email protected]

COVID-19 - Pandemics - 11.4

During a pandemic situation, we ask that all cleaners follow Government guidelines where possible. You must inform us if you are exempt from wearing a face-covering due to your age, medical condition, and/or disability. We advise that you use a face covering when communicating with other people such as customers and other cleaners in small/enclosed spaces.

We understand that some cleans may be difficult to complete when covering your mouth and nose, so we advise only using a face covering when communicating in person with a customer.

ADS CLEANING requires all cleaners to wear a face-covering when cleaning for customers in their homes when they are present. This is except where doing so is not appropriate due to mitigating circumstances such as a cleaner's age, medical condition, and/or disability. In line with Government guidance, if you have a condition that means that it is not appropriate to wear a face covering, then you are exempt from this requirement and therefore are not required to wear one.

If any of the exemptions apply to you we advise that you inform your customer at their door before starting a clean, explaining that you are exempt from wearing a face covering.

Please note: That Governments' advice is that certain clinically vulnerable people are at high risk of severe illness from Coronavirus. It is advised that if you fall into this category, you stay at home as much as possible. Please remember to take particular care. If you have any doubt about this, we would recommend that you seek advice from a doctor or other medical professional.

For more information please visit the Government website:- https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

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