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Giving Our Cleaners a Chance

We offer professionals the chance to clean your windows no matter what day of the week

Window Cleaning

Keep your windows clean and you will forget that they are even there

Keep your windows clean so they sparkle against the sunlight.

Keeping our spotless reputation alive.

Keep letting the sunshine throw the crystal

Our professionals can clean your office windows to keep them looking see-through

Please Note

All our window cleaners carry their own window cleaning equipment in order to clean all your windows and to help you with other outdoor chores such as cleaning your window ledges and cutters.

Some window cleaners may occasionally run out of water if this were to happen we would kindly ask that you allow the window cleaner to use your garden tap to help them out on the rear occasion this may happen, they would really appreciate it otherwise the window cleaner may have to attend at a later date.

Our window cleaners only use a poll to reach hard-to-reach places on your buildings and to cover greater heights. Some still may use the older more traditional style whereby they would use a spammy for each window.

All our window cleaners are able to use soap and fresh water in order to clean your windows to keep them glistening all year round.

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